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Had a very fixed idea about a film partnership thinking that it was only about product placement and logos on posters. What DONART Film has offered is a complete gamechanger in the Czech marketing, turning the cooperation around 180 degrees. Spontaneous awareness of the SIXT brand shot up sharply and despite the pandemic, the demand increased, especially for adventure vehicles in our rental fleet: cars, motorcycles, and caravans.”

František Pačes, CEO SIXT Car Hire

Our brand has gained new a face. Not that it would not have one before, but it gained another one from the world of show business. Normally, without the 360° film partnership, we would not have been able to start a cooperation with such a famous actor under these unique conditions.

Michaela Tavantzi, Brand Manager Attrattivo

Donart Production offered us a mix of activities that fit well into our long-term PR strategy – to raise awareness of the Soitron brand on the Czech market, including in the field of IT security. This blended beautifully with the PR communication of the film itself. We were able to provide the media with quality content that made its way into editorial sections, on networks and on the homepages of leading news servers in conjunction with Czech film and acting stars, namely Karel Roden and Igor Bareš. The result was not only the achievement of our goal of SOITRON being perceived as a leading IT security company in the Czech Republic, but also the overall positive response to the film Nightline, from which we are still benefiting today.

Martina Hummelová, Marketing Manager, Soitron

About us

Our story

DONART Film Ltd. was established as a successor to several merged entities with the aim of creating a leading film and entertainment company operating in the Central European region and the United Kingdom. Our priority activity is the production and production of feature films intended for cinema distribution.

We hold dozens of international festival awards. Our goal is not only to push the boundaries of cinema itself, but we also explore sensitive social issues through our projects. We also support new and first time creators, work on series, shoot commercials, help foreign productions with locations, provide financing for interesting projects, run a casting agency and PR agency DONART MEDIA.

Cooperation with DONART film

Cooperation with DONART film


Do you want to become a professional actor or actress? Send us information about yourself and attach photos or videos, where you show us your skills and we might choose you for the next movie!


Do you want your brand to be associated with our movies? Or are you a filmmaker who wants to let their movie or documentary out into the world? Email us and we’ll see what can be done.


Would you like to learn about investing in movie projects? Are you interested in information about art-related profit shares and how to work with them? Just contact us.


Do you think we should be a co-producer of your movie? If you would like to learn more about our co-production standards and cooperation terms, please feel free to contact us.

Supporting new filmmakers

Have you written a script, do you have directing experience or a great sense of composition – in short, you are into movie-making? Do not be afraid to show us your work. We will help you with production, financing, but also with distribution and promotion.

Supply services

Do you need to find interesting locations, crew, stuntmen, actors, transport, lights, equipment, catering, in short, anything you need to make a film for your project? Write us what we can help you with.

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Aneta Bednářová
Office Manager
+420 731 753 033

Česká republika

Jankovcova 1569/2c
170 00 Praha 7 – Holešovice

United Kingdom


Prague Office

Jankovcova 1569
Prague 7

DONART London Office
207 Regent Street


New York & New Port

  • New York Independent Cinema Awards 2021: Nightline-Best Actor Karel Roden
  • New York Independent Cinema Awards 2021: Nightline-Award Winner
  • New York ONIROS Film Award Winner


  • Film Fest


  • Near Nazareth Festival (NNF) 2019: Official Selection
  • Near Nazareth Festival (NNF) 2019: Semi-Finalist


  • KinoDUEL International Film Festival Minsk 2019: Official Selection


  • 2021 ARFF Amsterdam International Awards: Nightline-Official Selection


  • 2022 WINNER London Director Awards: Robert Sedlacek

Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles Arpa International Film Festival (Arpa IFF) 2021: Nightline-Nominee best Feature Narrative Film
  • New Port Beach Film Festival Los Angeles 2021: Nightline-Official Selection


  • Bahia Independent Cinema Festival 2021: Nightline-Best Narrative Feature Film
  • CataniaFilm Fest 2021: Nightline-Official Selection


  • Nightline-Finalist 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival 2021

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